Did you really expect, in your wildest dreams, that this would take you to Tweetworld? You really don't know us at all do you?
We do not have a skewed view of our own importance in the world
We are not so unbelievably arrogant as to believe that anyone anywhere is interested in the banality of our everyday lives
We have no desire to post vacuous self-promoting RIP messages to the recently deceased, who cannot access their computer to receive them, because they are, in fact, dead
We don't believe that sitting in front of a computer and sending a message to someone in the next room is in the least bit social
We don't want to encourage the current practice of third rate hacks whose idea of journalism is to copy and paste celebrity tweets
There is enough digital diarrhoea in this world without us adding to it. Now put the mouse down, go away and think about what you've done
Big Boot Dance Music For The Disillusioned