We are a non-profit making music collective. You can help change that by buying our songs
We aim to appeal to people who avoid TV 'talent' shows at all costs, who are bored senseless by the wailing diva and who have had a belly full of the endless procession of re-masters, cover versions and 'best of' compilations
We don't crave publicity. We would rather do  something than be someone. If you have any interest in us at all we want it to be because of the music we produce not because we scrub up well after a session in Photoshop
We do not endorse the wearing of sunglasses indoors unless under medical advisement, during a period of bereavement or as a strategy to reduce observable tells when playing poker
We would rather have a modest income and work with a relatively low profile and deal only with people that we love and trust than make an enormous amount of money and have to deal with scumbags everyday (Thanks for that one Steve) 
We enjoy a slice of cake or a chocolate biscuit
Big Boot Dance Music For The Disillusioned