A chance meeting with Anthony 'Tone' Deaf in a queue for the bogs at The Blacksmith’s Arms in Cudham lead Archie to enlist the services of up and coming engineer Scratchy Potts who provided the smooth chocolate topping and glossy wrapper to complete the confectionery creation
The critically acclaimed 6 track EP 'Tich Is God' was released in 2003 but this euphoric peak was followed by a three year rollercoaster ride down a slippery slope of shite culminating in a change to the band line up. During this turbulent period, founder member and lead singer, Dickie Tumm left the band after a disagreement in musical direction. His desire to take the band down a savoury road caused grave concerns for the rest  of the band, who wanted to remain faithful to their pure chocolate crunchy coated roots. Those concerns were compounded when a dishevelled Tumm was spotted leaving a night club toilet cubicle with cracker crumbs around his mouth. His exposure by the tabloid press meant his position in the band became untenable and he was dismissed. Ex-Bamboo Slash frontman, Jamie  Dodger, came on board in the summer of 2005. Former pastry chef Coco McArune joined later the same year to add a degree of robust creaminess to the wind department
Big Boot Dance Music For The Disillusioned