Big Boot Dance are a 6 piece schizophrenic trio with tendencies towards exaggeration and confectionery
After an introduction from compere Larry 'Lipless' La Rou at the 1994 Edinburgh fast whistling festival, original vocalist Dickie Tumm and guitarist Ginger Nuttz struck up a friendship when they discovered their shared passion for Victorian  music hall midgets and a love of all things biscuit
The duo parted company with manager Bertie 'Big Bollocks' Masson due to his insistence that he only be referred to as ‘The Captain’ and persuaded impresario Archie Fatcacky to represent them
Archie, realising the enormous potential for the pair's eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic alternative pop rock peppered with blues, dance  beats and angst, immediately drafted in bassist Gary Baldy and welsh drummer Dai Jestive  to form a world class solid biscuit base to the band, to compliment the caramalic qualities of Tumm and Nuttz. Adding a crunchy middle layer in the form of rhythm guitarist Rich Tee, the former world deep sea darts champion and part time squid wrestler, Archie completed the inaugural band line up
Big Boot Dance Music For The Disillusioned